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Below are a collection of videos in short to medium length formats. YouTube is our primary host of the video content produced. Consider subscribing to our channel.



The Empowering Process Podcast

Gail Kraft likes to explore the deeper meaning of things. In this podcast, we discuss coming to terms with ourselves and what it takes to get through.


Great to Greater Podcast

Conversing with Tiffany Rufino on her show Great to Greater. We spoke about what it takes to move in the direction of self-betterment, regrets and all.


5 Ways To Be A Better Speaker Today!

These five tips are for anyone who speaks, which means you too. Learn five ways to approach communication better so YOU do better at selling yourself.


Eye On The Prize

Even with our eyes on the prize, we too often walk away. This is an excerpt from Living Totality, spoken at FAU for the Toastmaster's training TLI.

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