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My Story

Commanding attention, both serious and funny, and always educating... Ace can perfectly engage an audience, taking them on a rich journey from start to ending on a higher note.

Personal growth & development is rooted in Ace's messages of Living Totality, a blueprint for successful living. Sharing in lessons learned by overcoming challenges helps Ace help others in similar places in life..

Asaf 'Ace' Mengelgrein is a father, son, and brother. In his professional life, real estate development and management has allowed him the privilege to pursue his passion of speaking and enlightening others in becoming better versions of themselves.

Having served as President of a finance company, the Toastmasters and a Lions International club, Ace is perfectly suited to engaging an audience and leading both teams and individuals toward personal goals. 

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"I can't go back in time and change myself, but I can now change others."

My Mission

My mission is simple... It is to enlighten individuals one soul at a time. I offer inspiration that motivates people to take positive action in their lives, and deeper, to imbue a new foundation of thinking, a revision of mindset.


How? By teaching Living Totality, a mindset upgrade to living a life of totality. This is a life of joyful expansion. To experience all of life with your eyes and mind wide open. To learn the best frame of mind and live to your potential. That is Living Totality. Now... R U Living Totality?

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