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Communication Expert :: Personal Development :: Entrepreneurship 

Meet Ace

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Commanding attention, both serious and funny, and always educating... Ace can perfectly engage an audience, taking them on a rich journey, from start, to ending on a higher note.


Personal growth & development is rooted in Ace's messages of Living Totality, a blueprint for successful living. Charitable work means speaking on subjects like polio and Rotary's International PolioPlus program.

Asaf 'Ace' Mengelgrein is a father, son, and brother. In his professional life, real estate development and management has allowed him the luxury to pursue his passion of speaking and enlightening others in becoming better versions of themselves.

Having served as President of a finance company, the Toastmasters and a Lions International club, Ace is perfectly suited to engaging an audience and leading both teams and individuals toward goals. 

          What are your expectations and needs? Organizational mission statements and legacy projects, team building, mindset upgrades? Speaker Ace will craft an experience tailored to your needs. Explore the program mindset Living Totality.
          The benefit from a professional communicator is the message better connects. The subtleties translate into measurable results. And, knowing your audience is the difference between a positive experience where the everyone takes away a win-win or, the lesser alternative when the message is lost in translation.
          Whether hosting an event or speaking to an audience of entrepreneurs, Ace's speaking lifts, entertains, and enlightens the audience with new found knowledge and ownership in their lives. The Tree in the Forest 
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Speking Program


Nick Sproul.JPG

"Ace came and spoke to my real estate sales team and truly hit on some of the most important points I think a group of salespeople need to hear. His concept of a Living Totality mindset is really all encompassing and has a message that is a great balance between the principles that help develop a positive mental attitude and staying accountable to the essential action steps to help achieve a goal."

Nick Sproul P.A. SRS

Managing Broker

Southwestern Real Estate

"I am a new person. I am beyond grateful to Ace, my mentor, for his constant support, encouragement and constructive feedback in my journey to become a competent communicator. Ace helped me develop my confidence and speaking skills and now, for the first time in my life, I'm going after my dreams and pursuing a private practice in reading. I have no fear. I am a changed person. Thank you, Ace!" 

Liba Levin


Reading Specialist

Liba Pic.jpg
Debra G.

"At first the "kids" were skeptical because they weren't sure what this was all about...but by the time it was over they were chanting your catch phrase!

They came in my office and actually thanked me for asking them to participate and that they had really enjoyed the presentation."

Much gratitude,

Debra Gronvold

Executive Director

Hollywood Jr. Chamber (Jaycees)

"Living Totality is an informative and interactive opportunity to reach listeners about living a life with meaning, a full and vibrant life. Students will walk away with new ideas they have created for themselves, for their present and future. Teachers, parents and administrators will leave with a desire to capture the present moment and fulfill their dreams and goals now."

Katie Lizana

Board OFC of Charitable Org.s.

Katie L.
Becca Magnan Profile.png

"Ace speaks with a way that resonates with the youth. He reminds us of things we've all been taught, but delivers them in a whole new way, a way that teens hear."


Rebecca Magnan

Senior at South Broward


Member & Honors

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